ISSB Bricks

Interlocking Stabilised Soil Blocks [ISSB] are being used by Nkuru-Nziza in all building work as a carbon-saving and money-saving alternative to the traditional fired brick. The way in which the traditional bricks are made is devastating Uganda’s beautiful landscape, and Nkuru-Nziza is demonstrating an alternative option through it’s use of ISSBs

The ISSB is a compressed block of moistened soil, mixed with a little cement, and which is cured rather than fired. Stronger than conventional clay bricks, the interlocking feature of the uniformly shaped block means that ISSBs require less mortar and are easier and cheaper to construct with.

The blocks are made on site, so reducing construction and transport costs, and because the ISSB is not fired, no trees are chopped down for fuel. Consequently there are no associated carbon emissions and ancient forests are preserved.

“ISSB demonstrates how environmentally-friendly construction technologies can be made more affordable to the poor.”
UN Habitat

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