Water for the village

Project-based learning has really benefited the local villagers who live near the Vocational Training College recently.

The students were putting their construction knowledge into practice whilst also finding a way to get more water to the college. Having found a natural spring at the bottom of the hill, their task was to get the water to the college at the top of the hill, and whilst they were doing that did it was agreed that they could also set up some tap stands for nearby residents.

Three tap stands were installed, each strategically placed near a group of houses so that many can benefit, and as a result those families no longer have to walk the long and tiring distance to get water.

There is a small charge for the water, which covers the cost of maintenance of the pipes and tap, fuel for the pump, and also generates a small income for the three families who have been tasked with maintenance and security of the taps.

A good practical lesson for the students, and long-term benefit for the neighbours.

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