Kids Joy Nursery: up and running again after lockdown

When Uganda went into lockdown back at the start of the pandemic in March 2020, like so many countries, all of the schools and nurseries shut down. For some children, they were able to access on-line learning, but for the majority of children, and all nursery age children, education stopped.

For a range of reasons, Uganda was one of the slower countries in reopening its schools and nurseries, and doors only fully reopened in January 2022. It was only then that all children were finally able to set foot inside places of education again, and return to the joys of classroom learning with their friends.

For the children age 3 – 5yrs who live in the neighbourhood of the Nkuru Vocational College, this means that they can finally start to attend the Kids Joy Nursery school which is on-site at the college. The next nearest pre-school for them is about 2 miles away – a long way for little legs – and so they are delighted to be able to start their learning so much closer to home as the following pictures show.

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