Update on the Nkuru college fuel station

The petrol station at Nkuru college is so much more than just a place for buying fuel for the car / boda boda. That in itself is a massive blessing to the local community, especially the boda guys, who don’t need to travel in to Mityana to fill up, and therefore bear the cost of the fuel to do that journey.

But the fuel station is also a place where you can go to buy all sorts of items from the hardware store. The stock is based on the needs of the local community, and in so doing, there isn’t capital tied up in unnecessary stock. This allows the store to keep its prices down, which in turn is a positive for the buyers.

And then there is the tailoring store that is also on site. Showcasing items of clothing made by the college students, visitors can come to place orders for one-off items of clothing, to buy ‘off-the-peg’ items, and also get alterations and mending done on items of clothing that they already own.

Add to that the mobile money facility, and the car / bike washing facility, and you have a very useful, wide-ranging set of services. And once you’ve used those facilities, just pop 100yds down the road and grab a drink and a snack at the community cafe!

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