St David’s College students visit Nkuru Vocational College

A team of students and staff from St David’s College in North Wales recently spent some time at the Nkuru Business and Vocational Training College, and a good time was definitely had by all.

The SDC team took out some laptops, pre-loaded with a CAD programme that will assist the VTC students in their learning. Sarah and Rachna from SDC were tasked with teaching the students, and VTC teachers, on how to use the software, and by the end of the visit the Ugandan learners were very proficient.

Alongside this, the catering students at Nkuru were learning how to bake pizza, cake, biscuits and some other meals.

And the sewing machine was roped into action to make aprons

All the students also took part in some activities designed to open up thinking and find entrepreneurial and design solutions to community issues.

So they had to find a way to drop an egg from the water tower without the egg breaking

And how to design a mosquito net to be more effective and suitable for beds that are on the floor.

And what options are there to maximise your benefits from a single mango tree?

Finally, Val explored how plastic bottles could be used for a raised bed with integrated irrigation system

All in all a very good collaboration and many thanks to all for their input, both on project in Uganda, and also those back at St David’s who helped prepare the resources ahead of time.

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