Real-life projects at the BVTC

Nkuru Business and Vocational Training College has been up and running for almost 1 complete academic year now, and all is going very well.

The college is pioneering some new ways of learning, particularly by Ugandan standards, utilising a Whole Brain Approach to teaching and learning, and also by giving the students real-life learning projects to get involved with, rather than just classroom-based work.

One example of this is through the students enrolled on the construction course who have been putting their newly acquired skills to practice building a hair and beauty salon on the college campus. Not only does this benefit the construction students, but it also means a new course can open at the college for those wishing to develop a career in hair and beauty. And it benefits the local community who will finally have somewhere nearby where they can go and get the treatments on offer.

A win win win!

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