Until now, the biogas project has focused on building stand-alone digesters for individual homes, schools or hotels, as the requests for them have come in. These are all working well, but don’t provide a solution for families and households that wish to benefit from the advantages of biogas and yet don’t have the finance or space for a biodigester and the associated cows to provide manure. NB the benefits include clean, immediate fuel, that doesn’t cause health problems and allows the girls to spend time on education rather than collecting firewood.

In an attempt to address this problem, Nkuru-nziza Foundation is developing a Biofarm. The farm will have several digesters, running as pairs for maximum efficiency and output, and also be home to a sufficient number of cows to service all the digesters.

The biogas produced can then be compressed, bottled into canisters, and sold to local families, along with provision of a simple stove to allow them to switch from charcoal-fired cooking to clean and quick gas-fired appliances.

Experiments are ongoing to refine the process. The farm will also include other income-generating activities that complement the biofuel process eg banana plantation to utilize the by-product of manure from the digesters.

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